Not actually about Gillette...

2018 seemed to be a year of extremities. Extreme right met full force with extreme left. Extreme opinion shouted down with extreme opinion.

I began to feel like I was a fence sitter. A middle ground kind of guy who simply didn’t want to rock the boat. I’m not the only one either. So many of my friends and family, customers and acquaintances alike seemed to carry the same feeling and opinion. A disassociation from hot topics became common place as more and more people felt ostracised from every day matters that simply...mattered.

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I had hoped that perhaps 2019 would be the start of a new world order. One in which common sense would prevail. However with politics still seemingly a total debacle and the world in a state of uncertainty at every turn it was a shock to me that a men’s skin care brand would cause the biggest wave of controversy at the start of the year.

If you haven’t already seen it the Gillette advert then you really must. If you’re looking for a modern approach to marketing then look no further. The message is excellent. The delivery? Perhaps they got it a little wrong.

Over the last few years I’ve had many things happen in my life that have made me reconsider the manners in which I behave and how I treat myself and therefor others around me. Self exploration is such an important journey as it’s that journey that allows evolution and what would we be without evolution? Quite simply we wouldn’t be.

The evolution of thought provoked not just by Gillette but by many others is the direction we should be heading in. We should be teaching our young men how to be respectful of women, how violence is unacceptable and how bullying is intolerable. That because someone is different this doesn’t make them a target and that in fact no one is or should ever be a target. Though the buck shouldn’t stop at young men.

This is a message totally lost on so many. Young and old. At every turn we find ignorant thought, aggressive manner and a lack of common sense. We all have opinions and of course that’s the thing that makes our species what it is. Though one thing must change and that is that we are all equal. Perhaps easy for me to say as I have never felt persecution nor real aggression towards me for simply being me by no matter gender, cultural differences, disability or religious belief. Wherever you lay your hat and whoever’s company you keep. We are one and the same.

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We live in a world of extremes in 2019. One of extreme opinion and extreme disappointment. We live amongst one another unable to agree that education of our young is key to the future of their existence. We take to social media to bemoan and denounce those who speak against us. Verbally abusive and uncompromising. This must change.

The generation who now are serving our media are of a school of thought that many of us struggle to understand. However the longer they make TV adverts that sit between First Dates, Coronation Street and the X Factor the better the chance they have or starting a new thought process. A healthy inclusive train of thought that perhaps will begin to infiltrate old belief systems and negative idealism’s.

To Gillette and all those that come after good luck.

Life’s a garden. Dig it.

lewis parkinson