The good, the bad & the 90's


Curtains - 

Everyone from Beckham to the backstreet boys rocked a set of curtains during the 90’s. A trend set early in the decade by emerging boybands like Take That it wasn’t until the mid 90’s when Beckham himself gave it to the masses. Generally thought as a posers haircut by the lads on the terrace Beckham made it cool to wear your hair in a centre parting and even getting it bleached blonde was allowed. Different variations of the style were seen across Spain’s costa brava during holiday season and the real tough guys were defined on their undercut. The shorter and higher generally equated to tougher. Basically avoid anyone donning an undercut just below their parting cause they were well hard! 

The kurt cobain

You only need glance at the list of exciting indie movies making their way out of New York’s New found grunge scene to realise that the 90’s are being revered and relived. Messy hair, baggy clothes and an attitude that says fuck you establishment. A look popularised by the king of grunge himself, Kurt Cobain, many of us donned the long messy locks, along with the obligatory NIRVANA hoodie and the teenage attitude to boot but few of us manage to manifest the true angst of the tortured artist and instead just entertained our parents with our Kevin (see Kevin and Perry for those too young) like behaviour. 

The Caesar (grown out)

The death of the fade isn’t quite upon us, but I have a feeling it isn’t so far. When it does disappear get ready for this 90’s classic to return to the heads of men around the world. The grown out crop. Worn by the Brit pop hero’s of the decade. Think Damon Albarn in the early Blur days before he got all hipster and tried to hide his face. 


Frosted tips

Once my sister pulled hair through a cap. She then applied some sort of bleach and peroxide mixture that she’d purchased from the chemist. An hour later we removed the cap and washed my hair and dried it with a hairdryer. My sister didn’t say much when she had finished, though my mum, my mum began laughing, and laughing, and laughing. Tears began to roll down her cheeks. I ran to a mirror and low and behold I was a ginger leopard. Frosted tips were not ok. 

The Michael Owen aka French Crop 

Now let us not overlook the fact that the French crop is again popular amongst the masses. A classic hairstyle that’s clean and tidy and makes everyone who wears it look sharp as a pin. Everyone of course apart from Michael Owen. Wet look gel with the fringe split perfectly in to 5 (or 8 depending on your upbringing) spikes that sit perfectly to your forehead. This truly was awful. However it was popularised after THAT goal against Argentina in 1998 before England were robbed of a World Cup by the corrupt FIFA. That or a very young David Beckham was just a little silly. Either way, Owens hair was a real shocker...

The spiky super gelled 

Essentially the French crop only this time use half a tub of wet look gel and proceed to stick up. Make sure all of your hair is on end and then add the hairspray. Bloody good times...

lewis parkinson